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If you know electronic music, then you know ZEDD. He is one of the most influential artists that has helped electronic music break into the mainstream. From his gritty baselines to his more melodic pieces, he has certainly left his mark in the hearts of the EDM community. The mainstream certainly knows him for his massive hit “Clarity”. Like many artists breaking into the mainstream, it comes with a lot of work done behind the scenes, as is the case with Zedd.

Zedd has credited his producing for bigger artists as a huge factor in his rapid success in the mainstream. Most recently he has talked about giving a track to Justin Bieber which has become the poppy radio hit “Beauty and a Beat.” This equated to great success for Zedd as it increased his presence in the pop production scene. His journey producing for pop stars however started much earlier. Zedd is credited as a writer in multiple tracks in Lady Gaga’s album “Artpop.” Some of the most notable are the tracks “Aura” and “G.U.Y.” Helping Lady Gaga with these tracks not only helped Zedd financially (as royalties from this album were estimated to be in the millions), but helped Zedd exponentially increase his presence as an artist.


Ghost producing is perhaps the best way to establish a presence in the industry, especially when artists do not have immense marketing budgets. The average listener may not know the artists behind the track, however industry insiders do and that is who you need listening to your music and understanding your talent in order to achieve distribution on a large scale.