We recently posted an article about the possibility of Zedd using ghost producers due to a very interesting Instagram picture posted by @Rukes. Now we can’t say for sure if these producers were producing for Zedd or just hanging out, but looking deeper into the matter, it may seem like Zedd does recruit some help. In today’s technology era, the truth will always come out and although Zedd has proven his ability to perform music via his YouTube videos of him playing piano and drums, he may not always be the producer on his releases.


With a search on allmusic.com, a site that documents writers credits on various song releases, there is a bit of a surprise on one of Zedd‘s releases. One of the tracks that really helped his rise to popularity “The Legend of Zelda” released on Bazooka records was actually composed by two gentlemen by the names of “Haim Saban and Shuky Levi.” Surprisingly, Zedd’s name (Anton Zaslavski) is no where credited in the composition of the track except as the performer. So the rumors may not all be for nothing. Let us know what you think!

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