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The world’s number 1 Dj for the second year in a row has not always enjoyed the spotlight for his productions. His tracks had been played on the stage well before he found himself headlining at festivals around the world. About a month ago, we posted an article about why up and coming producers should not rule out ghost producing as a way to enter the industry and it is completely backed up by Hardwell’s story. Everyone in the industry understands the evolution of being a music producer very well and most insiders are aware of Hardwell‘s rise and of where he now resides at the top of the totem pole so to speak.


As usual, no one knows who Hardwell was contracted to ghost produce for as he was on his come-up as a producer, but there has been tons of speculation. The most predicted track was Thomas Newson’s “Pallaroid” because it was the only track from Thomas Newson to wind up on Revealed at the time of the article, but that has since been confirmed by an “industry insider” according to EDMTunes. Maarten Vorwerk even chimed in saying that he knew which track Hardwell was responsible for, but as usual, he wouldn’t mention any names. There are plenty of other tracks that are on table as a possible ghost production done by the world’s #1 DJ, however at this point, there is no conclusive evidence that leads to one song in particular.

Let us know what you think about Hardwell ghost producing and which track you think it could be!


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