Perhaps the most well-known ghost producer in electronic music and possibly all of music behind the legendary Max Martin (The man behind the Backstreet Boys, Katy Perry, and basically anyone from the top pop charts), is Maarten Vorwerk. His rise to fame as a ghost producer came with the internet frenzy that came about when the world found out he was the producer behind Sandro Silva and Quintino’s track “Epic” (It was later found out that Sandro Silva did “help” however Quintino was not even involved). Other tracks soon followed with rumors that he was the sole producer behind “Wakanda” by Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike and several other big time tracks.


Earlier this year, another controversial contract was released on the internet claiming to be  the contract used by Maarten Vorwerk in producing two tracks for a rising duo, DVBBS. The tracks were later discovered to be the chart topping, festival smashing tunes “Stampede” and “Tsunami” produced by Maarten Vorwerk for the low price 15,00 Euros a piece. Quite the price for the two tracks, however, the success of the tracks allowed DVBBS to opportunities to headline world-wide and enter the DJ Mag top 100 at number 20 and we are going to assume they have made back their 30,000 Euros ten times over in booking fees. Of course Maarten Vorwerk has denied making the tracks and that the contracts are fake, for the sake of protecting all parties involved and ensuring future business with the duo.


Vorwerk is often cited as the producer behind all of Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike’s tracks as well as almost everything released behind DVBBS. It is no surprise that Vorwerk is perhaps the most well known ghost producer in electronic music. Next time you are at a festival, just know that no matter who the headliner is, you are probably going to hear some Maarten Vorwerk tracks 😉

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