Tiesto, a stand alone name describing greatness and talent in the EDM Industry. Tiesto is by far one of the most iconic names in the music industry. Over the last 30 years, this EDM Producer has accumulated years of chart topping hits beginning his career in Electronic Dance Music in 1994. Years of creating labels, tracks, and philanthropy dollars, this music industry mogul has marketed himself to be globally recognized and highly desired. He has spent his career focusing on his music, philanthropy, labels, social media, photo shoots, touring, making appearances, …the list goes on and on. To build yourself as a brand, you have to learn how to give appropriate attention to all these things without compromising the quality of the other. Just one week of traveling with a schedule of flights, hotels, sleep, appearances, performances, and media, you have very little if any extra time outside of all that. Now guesstimate how much time an EDM superstar like Tiesto travels, a lot. Just within a 6 month period, Tiesto had over 50 shows announced, some days he plays more than once. In a 2013 interview with CNN’s Anna Coren, Tiesto describes his busy schedule.Well, like I said, every day is different, you know? One week I did three, four parties, and played in Ibiza. I played in Bulgaria on the beach. I played Mykonos until seven in the morning. I played with Kanye West, you know, on a private party. I met the super model, Kate Upton. So many, you know, I forget the names. But that’s just one week. You know, every week, something else.” It’s no surprise that he can only do all this with a team.  


The EDM Industry doesn’t think twice about an artist using a publicist, a manager, an agent, a personal assistant, or social media manager; but the second a ghost producer is listed in that team, most people get up in arms about the credibility of the artist. EDM Ghost Producers are very widely used but not to pull wool over the eyes of the fans, but simply because an artist may not have enough quality time to spend in the studio or they need to extend their track in progress to more talent to give it that perfect touch. At which point, EDM giants like Tiesto look to his faithful team of Ghost Producers.

Dennis Waakop, one of Tiesto’s most widely used extra set of hand, or as Tiesto refers to as “the band” is one of the EDM Industry’s greatly talented EDM Ghost Producer. As we listed in another one of our blogs, Dennis Waakop – The Man Behind the Brand “Tiesto” , Dennis Waakop has produced many tracks for Tiesto. But he doesn’t stop there, Tiesto has a whole crew he credits as part of “the band”. Below we list three popular tracks with his EDM Ghost Producers given credit.  


“Bad Behavior” – Tiesto & Dizzee Rascal

Ghost Producers: Floyd Nathaniel Hills, D Mills, Dylan Kwabena Mills

“On My Way” – Tiesto feat. Bright Sparks

Ghost Producers: Ashley Hicklin, Sergio M Popken, Kimberley Sawford

“DreamTime” – Tiesto & Ferry Corsten

Ghost Producers: Ferry Corsten


One thing we know for sure is that our desire and love for Tiesto is not going anywhere. We crave his vibe and sounds both live and streaming. Currently at age 51, Tiesto has to focus on giving the fans what they want as well as keeping healthy. Regardless of your position on EDM Ghost Producers, I think we all can agree that Tiesto has a free pass to do whatever he wants.