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When an artist appears out of no where, there are always suspicions. Danny Avila has become a beloved international DJ at the young age of 18, hailing from Madrid, Spain. Within his first year as a DJ, Danny was nominated for “DJ Revelacion” at the Vicious Music Awards. With sets at festivals world-wide including Ultra Music Festival, questions had been surfacing as to the legitimacy of Avila’s production abilities. These questions came about with good backing as many industry insiders know Avila’s dad is a one of the head designers for some of Ibza’s biggest clubs.


Nicky Romero made an interesting remark that was directed towards those like Danny Avila. “There are rich dads in this world that just pay for their sons to have music.” With his dad fronting the cash and utilizing his connections, it has become rather apparent that Danny may not have been responsible for his rapid success. Nicky Romero brings up an interesting point that a music career is purchasable. We won’t dive into the ethics of this option, but the mere fact that many young DJs are utilizing the commercial aspect of music does bring up very interesting discussion.


Danny Avila is by no means the first artist who has been accused of buying his way into the industry, and he certainly will not be the last to have such accusations formed against him. As is the case with many young DJ / Producers, there will always be those who question the legitimacy. After all, it takes years for producers to learn the skills to create a quality track, so how are these teens able to producer nothing but top quality productions and tour the world before they can legally drink in the US. We aren’t saying that it is not possible, it just defies the normal understanding of how the whole thing works!

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