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Martin Bresso, better known as Tchami, has been taking the “future house” movement by storm since 2013. The revival of older house music with a bit of a twist has topped the charts with anthems from Tchami, Oliver Heldens, Don Diablo and many others. Tchami has been a rather low key producer and has kept his mysterious vibe quite well given his rise in popularity. Though he doesn’t hide exactly who he is, he refuses face-to-face interviews, and seems to do his best to stay out of the spotlight.


Staying out of the spotlight is difficult when producing for the mainstream, however Tchami has done surprisingly well. Especially since he is credited on one of the biggest tracks of 2014. Tchami is credited in the production of DJ Snake’s massive hit “Turn Down for What”. This was revealed by our friends over at EDM.com and it couldn’t be more of a surprise. When you think of Tchami and his music, it is basically the opposite of Turn Down for What. This speaks highly of Tchami’s true production range. The guy appears to be able to do it all! Along with the DJ Snake hit, he is also credited on two tracks from Lady Gaga’s album “Artpop” back in 2013.


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