Skrillex Gives Input on Ghost Services

Skrillex recently got interviewed by TMZ whilst walking down Sunset Blvd. Interviewer and aspiring director, Cody, asked Skrillex a question about hip hop and the excessive use of ghost writers, but receive an answer nobody was expecting. Skrillex grabbed the camera from the interviewer and proceeded to turn the interview around on Cody, asking about his aspirations. Though the message in the clip is clear (that you should follow your dreams), Skrillex gives TMZ his opinion on ghost writing. His response was simple; that “I think they can do whatever they want to do”, but in the context of following your dreams, it is clear Skrillex doesn’t have a problem with artists using ghost writing services as long as they are working towards their goal and working hard to excel in their field. Skrillex has a point, and often ghost writing is viewed through a negative lens. When aspiring artists everywhere, and in general, are chasing their dreams, there is no problem with getting some help along the way.