4 different colored individual
seemless video loops

Quicktime H.264 and DXV3 File Compatibility with all Video Mapping Applications.


30 fps, Minimum
12 Second Duration

How To Use Visuals

As festivals and clubs continue to grow in size, and stages become larger and larger, custom visuals have become one of the most valuable assets to growing your brand. The visual element to your performance is the fastest way to connect your music and your brand in the minds of audiences worldwide. Custom visuals will promote your brand to new audiences regardless of your slot on the line up. For this reason, is now offering exclusive content at $20 and custom content at $175 for performances and social media applications. EDM Ghost Producer also offers completely original visual content for those who want to build a unique live experience. Below are the options we currently offer the exclusive and custom visuals and for more information on original content email [email protected]