Legendary Ghost Producer Wants Your DJ Mag Vote and Releases His Own Music!

It is that time of the year where Comic Con’s fans take over San Diego, DJs start their European tours, and DJ Mag voting poll for the NUMBER 1 DJ IN THE WORLD starts. Everyone knows all up and coming DJs will spam the web world with their digital flyers asking for votes, and established DJs will spam the dance community with ‘funny’ and expensive campaign videos or, will simply pay a bot farm service to land a spot in the top 100 DJ Mag.


However, nobody expected for the legendary Ghost Producer Maarten Vorwerk to even mention DJ Mag. He recently posted on his Facebook a DJ Mag countdown image with the caption of “#VoteVorwerk Who cares anyway that I’m not a DJ?!”

Now we have to admit we love his sense of humor and he will most definitely get our vote but what we love even more is his unreleased music.

EDM Ghost Producer


Ghost Producer Maarten Vorwerk released a track he previously couldn’t release due to “legal issues” on his Soundcloud. The track “Innerlight” is what Maarten Vorwerk calls “Dutch Terror” genre was produced in 2003 and we have to admit it is pretty good! He clarified on his Soundcloud that the “legal issues” that prevented him from releasing the track were due to the sample.


We love Maarten Vorwerk and we hope you vote for him in DJ Mag top 100, just think about it, a legendary ghost producer who doesn’t DJ, charting with his clients. Now that you’re done voting for him, check out ‘Innerlight’ by Maarten Vorwerk:


Maarten Vorwerk releases two more tracks! ‘Secchi’ a house track he produced in 2007 but didn’t release because “it just wasn’t good enough”. His second release of the day is ‘Immigrants’ a track inspired by the movie ‘Blade’ for the 4th time was meant to fit the closing credits.

Check out ‘Secchi’ and ‘Immigrants’ below:


Maarten Vorwerk continues his streak and releases 3 more tracks! ‘Loco’ was a “Lento Violento” (Slow Violence) genre produced back in 2009. He then went on to admit he “created and produced” music for Jeckyll and Hyde and released ‘Fire’. The last track he released was a track he previously had produced for his alter ego Noise Provider.

Check out Maarten Vorwerk newest releases:

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