What is a Soundblast music video?

A Soundblast Music Video is similar to a video format popularized by various EDM YouTube accounts. This format allows you to showcase you logo front and center of an custom multi-colored soundblast animation that moves and bounces to the rhythm of you track.

What is an animated logo music video?

An animated logo music video is a music video for your track where the main component of the video is a custom animation for your logo. After purchasing you are able to suggest the style of animation you would like for your logo or allow one of our professional animators select the most suitible logo animation based on your track.

What are Social Media/Network Content Bundles?

Artist Marketing content is professionally made content that is intended for your social media profiles to promote yourself as an artist. Our Social Media Content (intended for Instagram) includes a 10-second video for Instagram Story, a profile picture, and a square image to post to your profile. Our Social Network Content (intended for Facebook) includes a banner for your profile page, a profile picture, and an image post for your profile.

What is the guaranteed sale feature?

At any point with a pro-account, you can sell your track for $50 which will be paid within 1 business day with the click of a button.

How often can I use the guaranteed sale feature?

You can use this feature an unlimited number of times while you have a pro-account. We are often asked how ghost producers can make a consist and reliable income from their ghost productions. With this feature, you can estimate how many tracks you’ll need to make in order to make your desired amount on a monthly basis.

Can I price my track over $500 with a free account?

Free users will have a price cap of $499 for listing their projects. In order to price at $500-$999, users will need a pro-account.

Will I now be limited with a free account?

No. There will be no changes for the standard EDM Ghost Producer account and free users will continue to have the ability to use all of the same features.

Have a suggestion for EDM Ghost Producer to make our dashboards better?

Email us at support@edmghostproducer.com with your suggestion. We would love to hear from you!

For tracks with vocals, are the vocals exclusive?

Some tracks on EDM Ghost Producer contain vocals. Not all of the vocals are exclusive to this track. All tracks with exclusive vocals are marked with “Exclusive Vocals” on the track cover. All vocals used will be royalty free and you will receive a .wav of the instrumental mix with every purchase. Please note that with royalty-free vocals, you will often need to purchase the vocal pack.

When my track sells how and when will I be paid?

Payment is done through PayPal and will be paid within 5 business days.

Can I tell anyone that I was the original producer of the track?

No. This is a violation of the Copy Right Release agreement and needs to stay only between the parties involved.

Can my track be on my Soundcloud at the same time as EDM Ghost Producer?

No. We cannot take tracks that are displayed ANYWHERE publicly. This is against our terms and conditions as it violates the Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Can I remove my track if I change my mind about selling it?

Yes. You can remove your track at any time as long as it is not currently in the process of being purchased.

Why does my track take up to 36-72 hours to appear on the site?

We allow our staff 36-72 hours to review incoming submissions to ensure they meet our quality requirements. The buyers do not want to browse through low quality tracks, so ultimately this is a win for everyone.

How do I upload my track for sale?

You can submit your track for review at Be a Ghost. Simply read the instructions and click the “submit” link.

How much will I make if I sell my track through EDM Ghost Producer?

The producer will collect 70% of the final sale which will be paid after the full payment is received by EDM Ghost Producer.

Does the buyer have royalties for the track?

Yes. Once a track is purchased through EDMGhostProducer.com, the buyer maintains 100% royalties. Currently, we do not offer royalties for the producer unless specifically stated in a custom order.

After purchasing a track through EDM Ghost Producer, can I sell the track?

Yes. You may sell the track through BeatPort, iTunes, or any other music outlet you wish. You may release it on a label or any other means. You own the track 100% outright.

Is each track sold only once?

Yes. Once a track is sold, it is removed from our website and will not be available for listening or purchase to the public.