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We know Electronic Dance Music has been coming into the mainstream quite a bit as of recently with the appearance of EDM related themes in shows on MTV as well as rumors of movies based around the subject. The hit show Shark Tank where business owners attempt to sway an investor into standing behind their brand with a capital investment, will have a very interesting feature next week!

Emazing Lights, the company that brought the popular light show gloves into the mainstream, will appear on the show next week and attempt to prove that Electronic Dance Music is here to stay and a viable place for business to thrive. Love it or hate it, there is money to be made in the EDM scene. From fashion designers to festival throwers, there are businesses dependent on Electronic Dance Music that are thriving due to the massive support gathered from the community.


Edit: One Electronic Dance Music’s top rave accessory companies, IHeartRaves.com, will be joining Emazing Lights in tomorrow’s episode of Shark Tank. Be sure to catch both companies as they attempt to sway the sharks in investing in EDM culture!

We wish Emazing Lights luck with their feature on the show! Let us know what you think about the company appearing on the show!


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