A few people have recently noticed something interesting about a popular tune released on Spinnin’ Records by the number two placed DJ duo, Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, as well as one of the most talked about acts of 2014, Vinai. For better or worse (mostly worse), Vinai has made headlines for releasing the same tracks multiple times with relatively few changes between releases. The duo has become known for their “Copy & Paste” take on creating new tracks, but mention this on any of their social media and you will be booted pretty quick. They must be paying their social media management a bit extra with all of the fresh allegations coming in.


After you thought you heard it all from this duo, their track “Louder” is now in the headlines, not for copy and pasting from a previous track, but outright stealing it altogether from a very low key YouTube tutorial producer who goes by the name “Paul Gannon.” In the video titled “VINAI Style Track Fl Studio Mac & Gannon – Put Your Hands Up.” The video was released August 17, 2014, about two months before Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Vinai released their track “Louder.” Since the track is a clear rip from this video, we have either a ghost production gone wrong or a stolen track. Either way, people need to be aware of what type of artist they are supporting.

You can draw your own conclusions by listening to the tracks below.

Check Mac Gannon’s Video Here:


Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike & Vinai “Louder”


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